Mark McGuinn A Happy Man at Radio

Mark McGuinn has jumped back into the market place full speed ahead. He’s promoting his first project in four years, the self written, “One Man’s Crazy.” Racking up the miles, McGuinn is traveling to radio stations across the US , reestablishing relationships, and loving every minute of it. McGuinn is putting himself back onto radio’s all important radar with live acoustic performances and as a result his debut single, “BRING ‘EM BACK,” is creating quite an industry buzz.

This week, McGuinn learned the news that his debut single, “BRING ‘EM BACK” had been added to Today’s Country, the audio network channel of the premier multi-platform music network, Music Choice. Available in 27 million digital cable households nationwide, Music Choice is the pioneering music network that reaches millions of music fans through their TVs, PCs, and cell phones. “Mark McGuinn’s talent for telling the human condition blew us away back in ’01 with ‘Mrs. Steven Rudy’, says John Hendricks, Director of Country Programming for Music Choice. “Country programmers who were plugged into their audiences immediately ‘got it’ and audiences loved the song Now,” continued Hendricks’ “Mark has done it again with a song that speaks to our collective honky-tonk souls. I’m thrilled to give millions of Country music fans access to this incredible song.”

“I’ve always felt that television, in particular radio-television like Music Choice, is one of the most powerful tools for an artist to get music to the masses,” stated McGuinn. “There are a lot of very talented artists out there, so for my new single to be added to the Music Choice rotation is a great honor. Kudos to John Hendricks and Music Choice, and all the other programmers out there for their willingness to take chances on music from artists like myself,” continued McGuinn. “If my name were ‘Homer Bloatervocal’ on ‘No Dough Records’ I believe John and the other programmers like him would give me and my song the same chance as an Alan Jackson or a Tim McGraw. Because I believe their philosophy is, “hear a song – form an opinion, and not form an opinion – hear a song.” Variety is good for the fans, good for the format, and good for the soul.”

Mark McGuinn first made history in 2001 by having the #1 Billboard Top Selling Single, Mrs. Steven Rudy, for an unprecedented 5 weeks. Despite his success, his then record label (VFR) encountered difficulties, leaving McGuinn to take a break from away from the public eye. In the past few years McGuinn has divided his time between his new baby daughter and the creation of songs for his new project, “One Man’s Crazy” on Blue Flamingo Records, which is schedule to be released early in 2006.