Clint Black – Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic

Superstar Clint Black released his second CD for his label, Equity Music Group, on October 4, 2005. Titled Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic, the all new music written by Black is a deliberate return to his past. Featuring the new single, “Code of the West,” the twelve song collection has the flavor and flair of the music Black grew up listening to.

“I went out and bought all the music I grew up on that I didn’t already have and spent three months listening to only that,” Black said. “Only stuff from before I started making records, so it was pre-1989 … Waylon, Willie, Buck Owens, Haggard, Don Williams, Jim Croce. And what I discovered was a simplicity in song that I had moved away from. It was quite an emotional journey because these were all the songs that moved me and inspired me to do what I’ve been doing ever since.”

For his tenth full-length studio album, Clint Black also purposefully set a self-limiting CD title with Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic. With song titles like “Longnecks and Rednecks,” “Familiar Drinkin’ Song” and the title track, Black clearly succeeded in his mission. “I spent a lot of time in those bars, listening to that music and watching the people,” Clint explained. “I love watching people anyway. That’s the great thing about going to New York where I can put on a ball cap and watch folks without being watched. But I remember sitting in those bars and watching the little plays that happen between people. So much of it is predictable, but every now and then it’s not. Those stories aren’t lost on me.”

Sixteen years into his career, millions of records sold and dozens of awards lining his trophy case, Black feels that life just cannot get better than this. “A lot of people are misguided about the true source of happiness,” he said. “It’s doing what you love to do, and I’m really happy that I am still making music and have the opportunity to perform for people.”

One may ask, what makes this writer such a fan of Clint Black’s music? In a nutshell, the answer would have to be that Clint never makes your standard boring country album. As Clint himself said, in his own words, he takes special notice in watching the people around him… and it is this that he brings to his songwriting. Black has a unique and special gift for putting into words exactly what a person is feeling inside as they experience life, love, family, romance, and heartache. You won’t find your boring “I Love This Bar” style of lyrics from a Clint Black perspective. Instead, he digs a little deeper and goes much further into what makes people do what they will do… and let’s face it, life is much more complicated than a simple casual stroll into a bar. When Black sits down to write a song, it is clear that he has looked at the complete picture, and through his lyrics takes you right into their pain, happiness, or loss. It is for this reason that this writer looks forward to each new Clint Black album. Indeed, this album may well be a return to the style of tune that Black grew up listening to; but do not doubt for a second, however, that this is not a real look at today’s world through the traditional sounds of country music and strong storytelling lyrics that make country music its best.


Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic

Track One: “Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic”

This song looks at turning to great country tunes and the bottle to help get over the loss of love and that someone special that slipped away.

Track Two: “Heartaches”

Cute twist is brought to this tune that looks at seeking medical attention for a major case of heartache and pain.

Track Three: “Code Of The West”

Great track about living in today’s world; keeping true to the ideals of the cowboys of the past… the good guys and the bad guys… and knowing that it is always the good guys who rise above the bad. It is clear why this track is so popular as it makes clear the ideals that each of us tries to live by… and we all want to wear the white hat of the good guys.

Track Four: “Rainbow In The Rain”

Pretty song that speaks to not finding any beauty in the world around you when your heart is dark with the hurt of lost love.

Track Five: “Undercover Cowboy”

Nice play on lyrics as this song looks at the wayward cowboy who is all about using woman to fulfill his lust; making each just another notch on his belt.

Track Six: “Go It Alone”

Very nice tune that addresses remembering the memory of cowboys who have passed on and gone to ride the trails of a higher pasture.

Track Seven: “Too Much Rock”

Terrific song that speaks to the lack of Nashville thinking in terms of what makes for a true country song… great storytelling without all of the rock world’s influences brought to it. This track immediately became my favorite because it is exactly how I feel about Nashville today. In truth, I feel that the Nashville music scene has taken a turn for the worse; gone are the songs that move people and tell a story about life (and this is what country music is founded upon!) It has been replaced by meaningless, what I refer to as, “Bubblegum country.” Come on folks, who can take tunes like “I Love This Bar” or “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” as serious true country music? I have to stand behind Clint and remind Nashville that country music is based on a much higher standard than that of “bubblegum country” lyrics that lack true country storytelling. While I appreciate all styles of music being brought into the country genre, I think that we should never forget that country music is rooted in strong storytelling and songs that touch people.

Track Eight: “A Big One”

Good ole drinkin’ song about all of the reasons for needing a drink and how it always seems to come down to one big theme with everyone… drowning their heartache!

Track Nine: “I Don’t Wanna Tell You”

The difficulty in trying to say “it is over” in a relationship gone wrong is brought to this track.

Track Ten: “Back Home In Heaven”

Lovely tune about not always being able to be with the person that you love; but how this person has made home like Heaven because of all of the things that they do that are so special.

Track Eleven: “Thinkin’ Of You”

Soulful track that speaks to the need of drowning one’s sorrows and heartache in a heatbroke country tune and the bottle.

Track Twelve: “Longnecks and Rednecks”

Cute tune about beer and cowboys.